Theological Papers and Studies

The following resources were created over some 15 years for use by the Pastor in the Catechesis of the congregation. They include Bible studies of varying lengths, and topical studies of interest to our members. We provide them here for the good of the church, they may be freely used and reproduced. We are glad to answer questions about them, or to further elaborate on the topics.

Date Title Description View
01/10/19 Tract for the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed The history and practice of commemorating the faithful departed in prayer


01/08/19 Bibliography on the Holy Liturgy A select list of rubrical authorities


09/18/16 Outline of the Book of Hosea A study on the outline of the Book of Hosea by Fr. Mark Braden


09/18/16 A Brief Study on the book of Hosea  A Brief study on the Book of Hosea  View 
02/17/15  On Fasting- Zion Track Series  A tract on the history and practice of fasting as a liturgical observance View
09/26/12   Christian Questions  Questions & Answers from Catechism View 
09/26/12   On Fasting Guidelines for Fasting  View 
09/26/12  Perpetual Virginity of Mary A Brief Exposition of the Biblical Doctrine of the Virginity of Mary, Mother of God  View 
05/08/12 On Women Covering Their Heads  On Women Covering Their Heads for the Holy Mass at Zion  View
05/08/12  On Bieng Called Father   The use of the term "Father" for the Christian Pastor View 
02/18/12  Genesis Slides  Slides corresponding to the Brief Study on Genesis Note: This is a large document (84 megabytes). Please give it time to load. If you are using a slower internet connection such as dial up or DSL, we suggest you contact the church office for a printed copy.  View 
02/03/2012  A Brief Study of the Book of Revelation   A careful look at Revelation, to be used with "Major Theories", Isogogical Considerations" and "Bibliography" listed below  View
10/29/2010  Major Theories on the Interpretation of Revelation  Major Theories on the Interpretation of Revelation   View
02/03/2010  Form of a Christian Congregation  An outline of Walther's book written for a Pastors study group in the North Wisconsin District.  View 
02/03/2010  Revelation - Isogogical Considerations   For use with Revelation Study View
01/27/2010  Revelation Bibliography   For use with Revelation Study View 
12/07/2009  A Brief Study on the Doctrine of Election  A summary of the 11th article of the Formula of Concord, with Scriptural and Confessional references.  View 
05/25/2009  Interpreting the Word of God  A paper that examines and compares the hermeneutical principles employed by prominent Lutheran theologians over a 400 year period View 
05/25/2009  Quick Study on Marriage  A short survey of Bible texts for Pastoral use with couples seeking to be married, or when providing Pastoral care to married couples.  View 
05/05/2009  A Brief Dictionary of Terms for Altar Guilds  A three-page dictionary of liturgical terms for use with altar guilds and confirmands.  View 
05/02/2009  A Brief study on the Epistles of John  A study on the Epistles of St. John, complete with an introduction and close study of 1st John, to be used with the study notes on 2nd and 3rd John.  View 
04/28/2009  Scripture and the Divine Service  A Brief Study on the Divine Service View 
04/12/2009  A Quick Bible study on the Resurrection of our Lord  A quick study on the Resurrection, written for use on Easter morning.  View 
04/02/2009   A Brief Study on Second John A parish Bible study on 2nd John, to be used with the Epistles of St. John study and the study on 3rd John.  View 
04/02/2009  A Brief Study on Third John  A parish Bible study on 3rd John, to be used with the Epistles of St. John and 2nd John studies.  View 
01/27/2009  By Grace through Faith  A study of the Chief Article of the Christian faith from Holy Scripture and Augustana IV, designed for adult confirmands.  View 
01/27/2009  A Quick Study on the Life of Christ  A Bible study on the major events in the life of Jesus Christ. Works nicely when used with the study on the Christian Questions.  View 
01/06/2009  Romans Introduction An introduction to the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans, meant to precede the study available below.  View 
08/15/2008  A Brief Study on the book of Genesis  A close study of Genesis 1-22, with introduction. First taught as a course for Pastors, Seminarists and Vicars at our theological institute in Caracas, Venezuela, this is an English translation of the study which was used for a Parish Bible class.  View 
02/12/2008  A Brief Study on the Epistle of Romans  A close look at the Book of Romans written for the parish Bible class.  View 
09/04/2007  What the Bible says about Death  A quick Biblical study on death.  View 
06/01/2007  A Brief study on the Epistles of St. Paul to St. Timothy  A close study of I & II Timothy written for parish Bible study.  View 
04/23/2007  Baptism  A quick Biblical study on Holy Baptism, written to prepare parents who bring their child to Baptism.  View 
04/14/2007  A Brief Study to the Epistle of Jude  A Bible study on the Epistle of St. Jude  View