St. Michaels Conference 2023

The 2023 St. Michael's Liturgical Conference will be held at Zion Detroit on Monday, September 25.  Our Keynote Speaker will be Father Karl Fabrizius, Pastor Emeritus of Our Father's Lutheran Church of Greendale, Wisconsin, and departmental editor of Gottedienst.  Fr. Fabrizius will be speaking on the topic "Water Flowing from the Temple: Bringing Life to Every Creature" (The importance of Ezekiel's river from the temple in connection with your preaching.) 

Description: The preacher should not be content with the stagnant pools at the edge of the river of life, but swim in the rushing currents that bring life to the nations.

Fr. Burnell Eckardt, Pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Kewanee, Illinois, and General Editor of Gottesdienst, will present a sectional on the new video he has created that demonstrates and explains the rubrics of the Divine Service.

More information on the 2023 St. Michael's Liturgical Conference will be posted here as it is available.  Call the Church Office at (313) 894-7450 for more information, or email Fr. Braden at