Holy Mass

Mass Times

On Sundays and Major Feasts and Festivals, Holy Mass is held in the Church. 

Weekly Sunday & Wednesday Mass - 10:00 a.m.31

Wednesday Masses are usually held in the Chapel of the Holy Incarnation, located in the lower level of the Rectory.  Wednesday Mass is held at 9:30 am & 7 pm during Advent and Lent.

Major Feasts - As Announced


Matins, the Church's morning prayer, is prayed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:45a.m. in the Chapel of the Holy Incarnation, located in the lower level of the Rectory. On Saturday, Private Confession and Absolution follows Matins.


Vespers, the Church's evening prayer, is prayed on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. in the Church, and on alternating Tuesdays at 7:00pm. During Penitential Seasons, additional days are added to the Vespers schedule. A schedule is available from the church office.

Liturgical Calendar

A daily liturgical calendar of Services for the current liturgical year, including Sunday and Weekday Masses, and the observance of the traditional Sanctoral Calendar, is available from the church office.

Sanctoral Calendar

Included in the Sanctoral Calendar is the entire gamut of feasts, festivals, and commemorations observed liturgically at Zion throughout the year.

Hymn Resources

The hymn plan for Zion primarily uses The Lutheran Hymnal. Occasionally hymns from other sources are used as well. Hymns are chosen based on the appointed Scriptures in the liturgical year. The Hymn Plan Liturgical Year 2013-14 can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE

Stations of the Cross - In the Church, 7:00 p.m., Good Friday

Since the legalization of Christianity in the Fourth Century, the Stations of the Cross have been prayed. Originally, Christians traveled to Jerusalem to walk the route which they assumed Our Lord took from the Praetorium (Pilate's residence) to the tomb. Along the way, they would stop at certain places to pray or meditate. Each station commemorates an event along the way of Our Lord's journey to death and the grave. This devotion affords time for Scripture reading, silent meditation, prayer and hymnic reflection. The artwork which adorns the church (not included here) is also utilized to aid the devotion of the faithful. In order to guide this devotion, excerpts from sermons by Blessed Martin Luther are included. The hope is that such meditation will encourage increased appreciation for the Sacramental gifts presented in and through the Incarnate and Crucified One.