Incarnate Word Series

Incarnate Word Tract Series

A project begun in 1959 by the Society of the Incarnate Word, the Incarnate Word Tract Series is a series of thirty pamphlets designed to advance the liturgical and sacramental revival in the Lutheran Church. Described as "a Scriptural and Confessional approach to Christian faith, worship, and life," they are written in a conversational, easy-to-understand style intended to inform parishioners and guests about liturgical and pastoral practices largely obscured among the Lutheran Church in America in the early twentieth-century.

Over fifty years since their appearance, much ground has been gained in recovering the Scriptural and Confessional doctrine and practice of the Lutheran Church, such as the weekly celebration of Holy Communion, a renewal of incarnational and sacramental preaching, the recovery of vestments such as the chasuble and maniple, tunicle, and dalmatic, an emphasis on private confession and absolution, catechesis, and the liturgical year. Yet these tracts remain as timely for our day as when they were first written, both to explain the doctrine and practice of the church, and to encourage and teach those - even among Lutherans - who are unfamiliar with these topics.


 The Royal Priesthood  The Holy Absolution
 Sign of the Cross  Weekly Communion
 Are you a Catholic?  What is Parent?
 Acknowledging Baptism  Private Confession
 Church Year  His Holy Name
 Prayer for the Dead  Altar
 How Often Should I Receive the Sacrament?  The Blessed Virgin Mary                     
 The Incarnation  One Cup
 Am I Worthy?  The Sacred Ministry
 The Augsburg Confession  What is a Sacrament?
 Holy Confirmation  Holy Marriage
 First Communion  The Offertory

 What Shall I Call Him?

 Interracial Marriage
 Sex  From One—Every Nation
 Love and Hate  Luther's Table's Prayers