St. Michaels Conference 2024

Registration forms will be available soon.  Call the Church office for more information: (313) 894-7450.

The Saxon Settlement of 1580 and Formula of Concord Article X

This Twenty-fifth annual St. Michael Liturgical Conference will focus on the history of the Holy Liturgy, the Propers of the Divine Service, and the great Canticle of the Church the Te Deum Laudamus.

Keynote Address:  Rev. Dr. Jonathan Bruss -  “Lutheran Liturgy:  The Saxon Settlement of 1580 and Formula of Concord Article X

The Saxon Church Order of 1580 allows modern interpreters of FC X to understand just what the formulators had in mind.   The judicious
application of the teaching of FC X in that church order stands within, reflects, and indeed replicates a long line of Lutheran liturgical thought traceable to Luther’s earliest work on the liturgy.

Q & A with Dr. Bruss -  Fr. Mark Braden, Pastor of Zion, will facilitate a Q & A period during which conference attendees can interact with Dr. Bruss on his keynote presentation. 

A Panel Discussion by this years’ presenters, joined by several distinguished guests and select Gottesdienst editors, will follow the Q&A.  Questions from Conference attendees will be answered and discussed by the panel.

Workshops:  The Lutheran Missal Project, “Let Me Never Be Confounded”, and the History of the Te Deum Laudamus.   Two years after his first presentation to the Conference, Fr. Scamman will  present  an update on the Lutheran Missal Project.  Fr. Beane will provide theological reflection on the words of the Te Deum Let me never be confounded.”   Fr. Eckardt will explore and discuss the mysterious history of the Te Deum Laudamus.

Our Presenters:

The Reverend Dr. Jonathan Bruss was elected the 17th president of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, after joining the faculty as Associate Professor of Systematic Theology in fall of 2022. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Classics and Philosophy from the University of Minnesota; an M.Div. from Bethany Theological Lutheran Seminary; and a B.A. in Classics from St. Olaf College. He served on the faculty of Bethany Lutheran College, St. Olaf College, The University of the South, and the University of Kansas. He served as Pastor of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Topeka, Kansas.  He is a contributing translator to the CPH Luther’s Works supplement, most notably the Annotationes in Matthaeum, and served as a Director of the Concordia University System.

The Reverend Dr. Burnell Eckardt is Pastor of St. Paul’s Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Kewanee, Illinois. He received the Ph.D. from Marquette University and the S.T.M. from Concordia Theological Seminary.  Fr. Eckardt is the General Editor of Gottesdienst: A Quarterly Journal of the Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgy, and author of Every Day Will I Bless Thee: Meditations for the Daily Office; The New Testament in His Blood: A Study of the Holy Liturgy of the Christian Church; and compiler of The Lutheran Propers. 

The Reverend Evan Scamman is the Pastor of St. Paul Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Greenwich, Connecticut. He received his MDiv from Concordia Theological Seminary.  With Fr. Stefan Gramenz, Pastor of Christ the King Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Pawling, New York, he is engaged in the creation of a Lutheran Missal based on Lutheran agenda of the Reformation era.

The Reverend  Larry Beane is Pastor of  Salem Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Gretna, Louisiana.  He holds the MDiv from Concordia Theological Seminary.  He serves as a contributing Editor of Gottesdienst, and shepherds the Gottesblog.